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Hebridean Imaging

Hebridean Imaging

torres del río

21st september, Camino de Santiago, Los Arcos to Torres del Río, 8km

A rest day. We only walked 8km today. The walk to Sansol was very pleasant, the light was beautiful. A shepherd was moving his flock of sheep and goats. First coffee of the morning was at Sansol, chatting with an Irish guy who had achilles tendon problems and had been slowly and painfully hobbling along. For all his problems he seemed very happy and cheerful though.

As it was only a short day today we arrived at our destination, Torres del Río, quite early. We checked in at a private albergue, Casa Mari, and were given a room with just two bunk beds in, sharing with a Canadian and a Dutch lady. Roland also turned up, his feet are much better 🙂 We also chatted with a Czech guy who was walking the Camino with his jack russel and covering 40km a day!

We headed to the bar where a giant paella was being cooked. A local arrived with a big bag of ripe figs and instructed us to share them with the other peregrinos. How very kind.

Lovely views from the upper balcony of the albergue, out across the fields, vineyards and olive groves. A quiet peaceful place.

Camino de Santiago

Moving the sheep and goats

Torres del Río, Camino de Santiago

Torres del Río

Santo Sepulchro, at Torres del Río, Camino de Santiago

The 12th century church, Santo Sepulchro, at Torres del Río