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Hebridean Imaging

Hebridean Imaging


17th September, Pamplona, rest day!

Woke at 9am feeling much refreshed. Legs and feet still ache a little. Walking with “the Camino shuffle” for at least ten minutes after getting out of bed 🙂 Lazed about for a couple of hours then headed into the city. First stop was for coffee at the famous Iruña cafe/bar with it’s wonderful art deco decor inside. As we sat drinking our coffee we spotted Steve and Elena (we first met them on our first Camino night in Orisson) and they joined us to chat and exchange Camino news. They told us we could get our credencials stamped at the cathedral.

Next stop was Gauchos for pinchos (tapas) – after that I lost count of the places we stopped for pinchos, there were very many!

We visited the cathedral and museum, paying the special pilgrim price of €3. Well worth the money, we spent at least an hour and a half looking around. The cathedral was stunning and the museum fascinating – especially the machine you stand in front of and it superimposes a costume on you, Sarah and I had great fun with this 🙂

Late afternoon and into the evening: more pinchos and wine…

I love Pamplona and I WILL be back!