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Hebridean Imaging

Hebridean Imaging


22nd September, Camino de Santiago, Torres del Río to Logroño, 20.6km

Left the albergue just as it was getting light, it was forecast to be a hot day so I wanted to make good progress during the cooler part of the day. The scenery was, as it has been all the other days, stunning! A beautiful mosaic landscape of vineyards, olive groves and farmland. Met Philip the young German student who had such painfully bad feet when I last saw him in Zubiri – he was much better and striding along strongly – ah, the resilience of the young!

I wasn’t much looking forward to the walk into Logroño but it was, apart from a concreted stretch that was hard on the feet, very pleasant – unlike the way into Pamplona we didn’t have to walk through a busy suburban area.

Many vineyards on the outskirts – today I passed from Navarre into La Rioja region. The vines are festooned with grapes, an amazing sight 🙂

Logroño was a couple of days into it’s annual wine harvest festival. Everywhere is buzzing. After Sarah and I checked into a hotel we went on a tapas and Rioja wine run – most excellent!

Over a glass of wine we calculated that our total walking is now over 100 miles 🙂

Logroño, Camino de Santiago

Beautiful early morning light

Logroño, Camino de Santiago

Walking into the Rioja region

Yellow arrow, Logroño, Camino de Santiago

Yellow arrow, Logroño, Camino de Santiago

Logroño, Camino de Santiago

Logroño was buzzing, the wine festival was on. Lucky us! 🙂

Logroño, Camino de Santiago