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Hebridean Imaging

Hebridean Imaging


Blackbird Recovery – Barra

We always enjoy receiving an email from the BTO with details of one of our birds that has been recovered elsewhere. We are most certainly always happy to read that the bird was captured alive and well by another ringer rather than the sad but too frequent news that it was “freshly dead” and “killed by cat“.

The latest email shows where one of the juvenile Blackbirds, ringed here in South Uist with number LC66596, had moved to. The records show that the bird was ringed by us on the 9th June 2012 at 04:50 (ah! don’t you just miss those long summer days – i’m writing this while listening to the horizontal rain lashing against the window with hardly any respite in sight for at least the next week). Sorry,  i’m getting sidetracked… The Blackbird headed south and was recovered 125 days later on the 12th October 2012 by another ringer, Mark, in Breibhig in Barra. A distance of 25km.

View Blackbird Recovery LC66596 in a larger map

Control and recovery details…

Well, almost as soon as i’d pressed send on the last blog update an email came through from the BTO with details of the two controls we had in April – a Goldfinch and a very well travelled Lesser Redpoll. Details also came through of one of our Greenfinches that had been controlled by another ringer on the Isle of Rum (one of the Inner Hebridean islands).

Firstly the Goldfinch Y177646 that we caught on the 26th April, a second year female, was first ringed by the Tay Ringing Group in Montrose, Angus, Scotland. 180 days and a distance (in a straight line which i’m sure the bird didn’t follow!) of 189.5 miles.

View Goldfinch control Y177646 in a larger map

Secondly, the second year male Lesser Redpoll Y623168 that we captured on the 29th April 2012, was first ringed on the 29th January 2012 way down south in West Horsley, Surrey!! 91 days and a distance of 495.8 miles NNW. Amazing!

View Lesser Redpoll control Y623168 in a larger map

The Greenfinch TS37535, a second year male, that we originally ringed on the 10th February 2012 was recaptured by a ringer at Kinloch, Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides on the 23rd March 2012. A distance of 42 days and 44.7 miles ESE

View Greenfinch Recovery TS37535 in a larger map