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Hebridean Imaging

Hebridean Imaging

polar bear marathon

Churchill – Part 3

And so back to town to spend my last 10 days with Heidi. Plenty to do to keep busy. Most of the bears are heading out onto the ice which has, fortunately formed in good time this year – a late freeze is very bad for the bears as they need to be able to go out onto the ice to feed. From the time the bears come in off the ice when it thaws in the spring until it re-freezes they don’t feed – ok, so the odd paw full of berries or a bit of kelp but not a proper meal like a good old fat seal.

Again, i’ve added the images as a gallery so click on them to see a larger version.

I left Churchill on the train, it was -42’C with the windchill and only going to get colder! For this journey i’d booked a cabin for one and was very happy that i had. I lay in my bed as the train trundled across the snow-covered tundra – the moon so bright i could see right into the distance. Magic! What a fantastic time i’d had, it far surpassed all my expectations, so many amazing memories and so many lovely people. My biggest thanks of all going to Heidi for constantly inviting me until i gave in – i’m so glad that i did 🙂