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Hebridean Imaging

Hebridean Imaging


Camino de Santiago, Day 4, Zubiri to Pamplona, 21.2km

Left the albergue at Zubiri after a reasonable nights sleep. The guy next to me only snored when he was on his back which wasn’t too often, and when he was i resisted the temptation to give him a shove 😉

The sun was rising and looking beautiful. The route went past Larrasoaña but we didn’t venture over the bridge into the town. The walk was pleasant and passed through many wooded areas and pastureland. I imagine it would be even more beautiful in springtime. I rounded a corner in Irotz and heard voices and saw many backpacks propped against the walls. A cafe! A very welcome place to stop for my first coffee of the day and to answer the call of nature. The place was called El Horno de iroz and had a large outdoor oven, the coffee was, as ever in Spain, excellent.

As Sarah and I walk at a different pace we hadn’t walked together very much but today the going was fairly easy and we strolled along and chatted together. Along a quiet wooded path we were rather disconcerted to see, walking towards us, a man wearing only a t-shirt. Yup no trousers or underpants, just a t-shirt. I was really pleased that we were walking together, I would have been pretty freaked out to have encountered this individual on my own! (Someone later told me that is what my walking poles are for – “give them a jab with the pointy end“).

Trinidad de Arre was lovely, the river and bridge beautiful. We had entered the outskirts of the city of Pamplona and spent the next 4.6km heading through the city to the centre. After the last few quiet days there seemed so many people, so much traffic and noise! there were lots of pilgrims all heading the same way – even a pilgrim on his unicycle – failed to get my camera out quick enough!

We arrived in the old part of the city. Beautiful! The municiple albergue only had one bed left so Sarah used their free wifi and found us a hotel room. We decided to stay two nights.

Our feet and legs ached! We made our way to the hotel. Luxury! a hot bath was so fantastic I can’t tell you how welcome that was! And one bathroom to share between just two people instead of 30! I had two more tiny blisters, one on each little toe. Sarah said that her feet felt like they were bruised to the bone. We popped out to a nearby shop for some food supplies and headed back to our room. Lying on our comfy beds, determined not to move until morning. We would have had wine but the supermarket didn’t have a corkscrew – one essential item missing from our rucksacks.

I woke up a couple of times during the night with cramp in my legs 🙁

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