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Hebridean Imaging
Hebridean Imaging

The delights of a Hebridean summer…

27th June 2013 – Oh my goodness the last few weeks have been so so busy, working all day then coming home and working all evening, no time for anything and my health is suffering (a long standing condition). Never mind there is light at the end of the tunnel, next week is my last week of fieldwork, it will seem so strange not to go out every day. I’ll have quite a lot of paperwork and data input/mapping to do at the office. Anyway, it’s getting late and i’m just about to put my feet up for an hour and watch the tennis..

Not that i'm obsessed with birds or anything...

Not that i’m obsessed with birds or anything…

28th June 2013 – The broadband is down and the engineer won’t be here until Monday – i could really have done without this, i’m in the process of working on three new websites for clients. In the meantime…. i’m trying not to get stressed. I have my iPad which is connected by the slow as a snail mobile network and no chance of getting my work done on that.

Playing with the photos that i took with the iPad. A cheerful looking bunch of Ox-eye Daisies in the garden.

Daisies - iPad photo

Daisies – iPad photo

29th June 2013 – A horrible grey, wet and wild day. Broadband still out. 🙁 Spent the day indulging my hobby of soapmaking, hadn’t made any since last year, i’d forgotten how much fun it was 🙂 Some of it will be gifts for family and friends when I go south at the end of next month…

2nd July 2013 – The height of summer? What more can i say apart from it’s a disgusting, cold, wet day and we have the heating on for the first time since early April… On the bright side our broadband is now mended so at least i can get on with some work!!

Wet, grey summer's day.

Wet, grey summer’s day.