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Hebridean Imaging
Hebridean Imaging

New Year, New Bird List

Hi all and here’s wishing you all the very best for 2013

Up before daybreak and headed off to see what we could see around South Uist. The weather wasn’t up to much! Murky and drizzly :-/

Our plan was to start the new year off with three or four days solid birding, and although our aim wasn’t really to clock up a vast number of species we did keep count and found ourselves at the end of the first day with 62 species on the 2013 year list! Yay! A great start 🙂

Highlights of the first day were:-

  • Glaucous Gull at Ardvule
  • Long-tailed Tit and a Woodcock at North Locheynort
  • Brambling at Howmore
  • Waxwing at Grogarry
  • 3 Greenland White-fronts on the range
  • 3 Scaup at Loch Bee

The next day, the 2nd January, we had another really enjoyable day out again – sadly no sign of the Green-winged Teal at Baleshare in the mist and gloom.

Conditions were a little more challenging with mist and drizzle affecting visibility for almost all the day. Today’s tally was 52 spp, 7 of which were new for the year – now making a total for 2013 of 69 spp.

Highlights, second day, were:-

  • Glaucous Gull at Baleshare
  • A single Gannet seen doing a flypast at Stinky Bay
  • 2 Fieldfare at Baleshare

Isn’t it funny here how you always see someone you know when you are out and about – we picked up a rather bedraggled Stu who was birding his local patch on foot in Benbecula and gave him a lift back home and then spent some time enjoying a very welcome cuppa with him.

Day 3 (3rd January) began in North Uist and we ended the day with 55 species in total, we added 7 species to our year list which now stands at 76.

Highlights of the third day were:-

  • Goosander, 1 male and 2 females at Loch nan Geireann
  • A single Black-throated Diver on the sea loch at Locheport
  • 1 Razorbill seen from the ferry terminal in Berneray
  • 8 Slavonian Grebes seen from the Berneray causeway
  • Great views of White-tailed Eagle from the quayside in Lochmaddy

Our search will continue tomorrow for some of the species now missing from our 2013 list: Snow Bunting, Corn Bunting and Moorhen to name but a few…

A couple of photos taken through the gloom:-

Slavonian Grebe


Our fourth and final full day and we started with a Winter Thrush Survey in North Uist – and not a single thrush or starling seen! Great views of Golden Eagle though 🙂

We clocked 50 species for the day including the Moorhen that had eluded us for the last few days 🙂  We added another 3 species to our year list and our total for 2013 now stands at 79

Highlights of the day were:-

A flock of 23 Corn Buntings and a colour-ringed Corn Bunting in another group of four.

Corn Bunting

I know that you can probably see them every time you are out here at this time of the year but there were 4 stunning Long-tail Ducks at Stinky Bay, right in close to the shore, just beautiful, i never get sick of seeing them!