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Hebridean Imaging
Hebridean Imaging

25th September, Camino de Santiago, Azofra to Santo Domingo de Calzada, 15.2km

A pleasant but felt like a long walk to the very bizarre small town of Cirueña – the first cafe stop of the day. Cirueña seems to be made up of deserted housing developments which surround the Rioja Alta Campo de golf, where precisely one person was on the golf course.

Met Walter from Tasmania at the bar. He has cystic fibrosis and is raising funds as he walks the Camino.

Sarah and I had decided against the detour to Cañas which would have taken up one whole extra day. On reaching Santo Domingo de Calzada we enquired at the Abadía Cisterciense albergue and they had spare beds so we checked in. It’s located in the old part of town and run by Cistercian nuns, a donation of €5 and we have a room with 3 beds.

Wandered around the town, it has been declared a site of historic interest, there are some lovely buildings.

Camino de Santiago

Spanish shepherd

Camino de Santiago

One of my favourite views along the Way

Santo Domingo de Calzada, Camino de Santiago

Santo Domingo de Calzada

Santo Domingo de Calzada, Camino de Santiago

Fab stonework at Santo Domingo de Calzada