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Hebridean Imaging
Hebridean Imaging

23rd September, Camino de Santiago, Logroño to Ventosa, 20.4km

The walk out of Logroño was rather tedious, through the suburbs but after a while the route takes you through a lovely park with pine trees and a lake. Added both Great-crested and Little Grebes to my Camino bird list, plus Coot. Walked on my own for a while. Today was a little stressful walking – we wanted to stay in Ventosa and were unable to book so I didn’t stop in Navarette for coffee as I would have liked but headed onwards towards Ventosa.

Lovely scenery, through acres and acres of vineyards. Hot and Sunny! I eventually arrived at San Saturnino albergue at 12.20, a minute or so behind a French Canadian lady that i’d first met at Orisson. She was amazed to be the first person to arrive! The albergue didn’t open until 1pm so we sat in the street, removed our shoes and socks to let the air to our feet and ate. She still had cheese she’s bought from the van over the top of the Pyrenees.

San Saturnino is lovely and has a good cafe/bar around the corner where I ate later in the day for €6 – jamón, 2 types of chorizo and some cheese. Bought postcards. Sat in the garden in my shorts and relaxed.

Made a vow not to partake in the “race for a bed” again.

San Saturnino albergue, Ventosa, Camino de Santiago

The garden at San Saturnino albergue, Ventosa