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Hebridean Imaging
Hebridean Imaging

19th September, Camino de Santiago, Obanos to Villatuerta, 20.5km

A cool start to the morning and an easy walk, 2.3km, to the Puente la Reina (Queen’s Bridge) where we crossed the impressive six arch bridge across the rio Arga. The days walk was undulating but through some gorgeous countryside – farmland, small fields, olive groves and vineyards. the small towns were so beautiful. One such being Cirauqui, which I could see from quite some distance is a medieval hilltop village with narrow streets and a pleasure to walk through.

I stopped for coffee at Lorca where there are two albergues and sat and had coffee. The wind was getting up but the sun was shining. There is still a fair trail of walking wounded and as I sat and enjoyed my coffee a taxi arrived to ferry two footsore pilgrims away to the nearest town. Sarah and I considered staying the night here but the highly recommended Casa Mágica drew us forward.

Villatuerta is a quiet town and I found Casa Mágica easily. It looked quite ordinary from the outside but on entering the ancient doorway I received a very warm welcome from the lovely owner Simone. She told me that parts of this house are over 600 years old! The stone floor is incredible and all the ceilings have beams. The room Sarah and I are in has just 5 beds. There are no bunks here. Outside on the terrace are hammocks for relaxing in. Bliss! This place is amazing, I could stay a week! We were both delighted when Roland and Heidi arrived too. Great place to stay, good company. What more can one ask in life?!

Camino de Santiago, Puente la Reina

Puente la Reina

Camino de Santiago, Cirauqui


Camino de Santiago!

Grapes growing in the vineyards we passed along the Way

Casa Mágica, Villatuerta, the very best albergue on the Camino de Santiago!

Casa Mágica, Villatuerta, the very best albergue on the Camino de Santiago!